Light Blossoms are the most powerful tools we carry for immediate energy shifts. They are lovingly directed and instantly felt.
– Dreamy Eves from Psychic sister


I gave out bottles of I am Magic to my wedding party and everyone loved it! It fit perfectly with my theme and we all ended up using it on the day of the wedding. Magic was in the air!
– Laney Stevenson


Thank you so much for your wonderful product! I never thought I would use something like this, let alone buy a bottle every month, but that is exactly what happened. My massage therapist suggested I use the Grounded Embodiment spray daily between our sessions as an experiment to see what would happen. I have chronic pain and have tried everything so I don't tend to believe something like this would help me. However, using it for the weeks between appointments I noticed a real change. I felt more connected to my pain somehow in a way that made it a little more bearable. It didn't take the pain away but made it so I felt like I could be more of a participant in my massages and more relaxed in general. I'll update you as my healing progresses.
– Joanne


I am super sensitive and have found the healthy boundaries spray so helpful! I use healthy boundaries in so many circumstances from going to the grocery store to having hard conversations. I can really feel a change since I started using it.
– Elyse L


Self-Love is my go-to support for just about everything! It makes me feel so good. Just the boost I need to get through my day!
– Mary Trimble


I just discovered Joy in the Bones and I am so glad I did! It is such a relief to feel myself lift out of my depression and I'm delighted something so simple and without side effects could help so much. I'm in my third week taking it and I actually have the motivation to start doing some things I've been neglecting for a long time!
– Anonymous


My dear dog of 12 years died a few months ago and I couldn't get over it. A friend gave me a bottle of Letting Go and it helped! It got me past that stuckness and into the awareness that he will always be with me but I need to travel alone for now.

– Stacey C


The relief I feel after spraying Healthy Boundaries is amazing! Its like it covers me with an invisible shield and I’m back to myself again.

– M. Townsend


I use the Clearing Space spray between every patient. It resets the room and it resets me so I’m ready to greet the next person with fresh eyes.

– G. Montgomery


I cannot be without my Self-Love spray. It smells AMAZING! Just the smell reminds me to tune into myself in a loving way. I feel so much better after using this spray!

— A. Cooper


I feel like a better person since I started using these sprays. They help keep me on track, like when I’m overwhelmed I go to Being with What IS and I feel stabilized or if I’m super irritated I’ll use Listening to Anger and feel better. It is so nice to have something to do to support myself when I don’t know what else to do.

– M. Bradley


The leader of my Women’s Sexual Empowerment group suggested I try Allowing Pleasure. I had never used this kind of product before and I did not expect it to be as helpful as it was. I really felt a change in opening up to explore my pleasure. I’ll keep using it!

– G. Hamilton


I recently had a big project that lasted for weeks, requiring me to work 13 hour days, everyday. I needed to keep going but my energy was dropping. My mom gave me a bottle of Fortitude and it really helped. I used it throughout the day until the end of the project and managed to complete it without being in total burnout as I have been in the past.

– M. Forchner


My friend gave me a bottle of I’ve Got This when I started a new job. It was such a kind gesture and a real confidence boost. Great gift!

– J. Galbreath


I am one of those people who can never remember to take vitamin or maintain self-care routines so I’m shocked that the Self-soothe spray is actually helping. Since I’ve been taking it when I wake up in the morning I am remembering to take my vitamins and do some stretching everyday. It seems like magic!

– H. Thomas


Thank you so much for creating the Smooth Transitions spray! It is a life saver for my children who struggle with transitions. Now I just say “When you are ready to go come get your spray” and they come!

– M. Olson


I love using Kirstin's sprays! They transport my body and spirits immediately into joy, peace, movement, uplift, deep grounding; usually one at a time but sometimes simultaneously!! Her expertise is divinely inspired and skillful alchemy. I want them all!

– K. Lohman


After a very intense relationship with an alcoholic, I was struggling to even put my fingertips in any foundation of my former self. Kirstin gave me the "Soul Retrieval" spray and as I left her office I sprayed it in my car thinking – "Well, let's see" – and literally within minutes my body felt like it was coming back to me. As if coming home. I began weeping as I was driving but all around me things were clearer. Peace was almost immediate. So grateful!

– C. Goode


These essences go to the heart. They work the subtle intersections that power our healing. They speak directly to my body, easing, opening and soothing the parts that are engaged in healing. When I use them I can feel the generosity of both the plants and the maker. I feel supported and held, and I am able to call up my own strength in the way that best serves me in that moment. In using them, I find that I am able to nurture myself by offering immediate support to the parts of me that my brain has trouble understanding and reaching. They support me with being present with my whole self no matter what I'm holding. They are a powerful and beautiful offering.

– M. Welti


I can tell you regarding the last shipment, that everything was really just right: timeliness of the shipping, packaging, and, of course, the product itself. Peaceful Sleep is very effective. I am able to get to sleep quickly and easily, and very consistently. There are no lingering after effects, either. I am very impressed with your product.

– S. West


I have been using Kirstin’s sprays for several years now, for myself and my family. They smell amazing and are such a joy to use! We have several bottles of her clearing sprays in different rooms of the house. As a mom of very sensitive children, I find that spraying the clearing spray in the bedroom before bedtime, my kids sleep more soundly and have less nightmares. I also use it to clear my crystals, my work area before I do work and my meditation area before meditating or doing Reiki. When I use some of her other sprays on myself, I feel a tingling sensation as the spray falls around me and I feel such peace. It is very apparent that they are made with love. I know several people who use Kirstin’s sprays and we are all absolutely in love with them!

– H. McDonald


These sprays are such supports to my practice and my practice members. It feels like I get to have a couple of extra hands as I am supporting someone. The client may open one layer and I touch it with an acupuncture needle. Then the next layer may be touched by one of these sprays. It allows us to make a more efficient use of the time we have together. I also love being able to send these supports home with people. For example if someone is working on boundaries and we stimulate this in session it is questionable if this will maintain back in their life. If they take the Healthy Boundary spray with them they get the reminder multiple times that allows the change to take hold and become rooted. Plus if they know that they are entering a challenging situation they can use the spray before they go.

 I have used many different tools over the years and this is one of my tried and true. For practitioners of any modality this tool will allow you to go farther with your clients because other details can be held by the sprays. They are supportive for changes on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. It is also so nice to have a take home support that can work in conjunction with current medications, supplements, or herbs without having any concern of unfortunate interactions.

I can recommend these sprays completely and feel the gift that they offer to practitioners and clients alike.

– B. Swift


Kirstin's flower essences have become an instrumental part of my practice. As a chiropractor and energetic medicine practitioner, multiple times per day I call upon one of her potent formulas to assist in a session. As a mother and human being, I am regularly drawn to them for support with everyday life. I am so grateful for how they enhance my life and practice.

The Integration spray is a true ally in supporting individuals in landing the work we have engaged in, prior to them walking out of the session room. It can also be supportive for clients to have a bottle to take home.

The Clearing Space is wonderful for the entire session room; before, during and after sessions. We also have a bottle in our kitchen for house clearing. My 11 year old son has a bottle of Clearing Space and Being With What Is by his bed. At night before bed he chooses to either be sprayed with lemon drops (Clearing Space) or orange cream sickle (Being With What Is).

I have been practicing shamanic work for over three decades and the Soul Retrieval formula is incredible. This formula supports the easeful and rapid integration of fragmented aspects of the soul. I would recommend it as an ally to anyone who is working with soul retrievals or is lovingly welcoming home aspects of themselves.

– J. Rose


I am a massage therapist by trade and these sprays are such a help to me! I use them every session. Use Clearing Space between sessions, I use Letting Go if someone needs help to release, I use Deep Quiet to help a restless patient settle down and I use Grounded Embodiment to help folks come more deeply into their bodies. Finally after every session I use the Integration spray to help my patient make the most of the work they have done. Thank you so much for these sprays, they have made me a better practitioner.

– L. Andrews