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Loving Mother in a bottle. A generously Loving formula, this remedy helps you to hold yourself in a most tender, loving and compassionate way. It brings the template of true unconditional self-love and self-kindness. A wonderful, multi-use formula that is good for pretty much anything but especially helpful for recovery from abuse, neglect or abandonment. Really, who couldn’t use more access to Love?

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Practitioner note: I use this for people who are hard on themselves, self-rejecting or who carry a lot of internalized shame. Perfect for working with something the client has a lot of resistance to and self-judgement about.

Parent note: Perfect for children who can’t seem to get enough, who have busy parents or who have experienced any form of parental loss or abandonment

Ingredients: Spring water, brandy, proprietary blend of flower essences; essential oils of neroli, rose, palmarosa, patchouli, geranium and vanilla; gem essence of rose quartz; rose petal elixir.

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