Photo of Kirstin

I have been creating flower essence and essential oil formulas for 20 years. This line reflects my passion for flowers, vibrational medicines and energetic solutions to life’s challenges.

These formulas come out of being both a mother and a healer and wanting support for my clients, family and myself.


Being a parent with two young children was more overwhelming than I expected and having something, a​nything, ​that I could do that would not cause harm and could help was a huge gift.

The first time I used the Peaceful Sleep spray and it worked to get my child to sleep without a battle was like a mini miracle to me! Now that my children are older and have worked with the sprays over the course of their lives they ask for particular formulas by name when they need them.


Additionally, in my work as a spiritual counselor and energy worker I would often wish I could offer my clients something to help them anchor the work we were doing that they could take with them and use between sessions.

I also noticed during energy work sessions that many times before we could get to the client’s original desire for being there, there was often a great deal of other work that needed to get done; like clearing, grounding, quieting the nervous system, etc.

These formulas were like having another practitioner in the room! They could take care of many of the surface issues so that the client and I could settle into the deeper work that brought them in the first place. It allowed me to be much more effective! And when someone came in week after week with trouble clearing or maintaining their boundary I could offer them a spray to allow their system to work on it in the interim between sessions.


I also use these sprays in my own personal work and have found them to be pivotal in supporting me to be able to be my best self in the world. I think they are wonderful and I thank the flowers from the bottom of my heart for their generosity.

I hope they can support you in your own well being and in those you Love.

— Kirstin Eventyr M.A.
Light Blossoms Founder