This set was designed with parents in mind. All of these formulas were created to respond to my needs as I was actively mothering young children. Peaceful Sleep came first because after the first two years of my Irish twins’ life I was a sleep-deprived, wreck. I found it helped me get to sleep when I was feeling overtired or high strung. It helped my kids get to sleep and stay asleep and as they got older it helped with nightmares. Next came Smooth Transitions to support my kids to transition from and event or activity. Fortitude because parenting is relentless and consuming and some days it feels like it will never end. Listening to Anger to support the whole family to diffuse and move through the intensity of our frustrations. Belonging to help my kids in social situations when their confidence was in their connectedness to the group was low. And finally letting go to support us all in times of loss and grief. Letting Go has ben especially helpful now that my children re teens!