Smooth Transitions

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Supports us through times of change. The change can be profound like the loss of a relationship or moving into a new home, or more mundane like leaving the house or a change of plans. Especially good for people for whom transitions can be difficult. Helps us to go with the flow and feel a sense of belonging in the moment we are in.

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Practitioner note: I use this essence when someone is working with something internally that requires a new way of functioning or when we have been working in one area for awhile within the session and the move into the next phase needs more fluidity.

Parent note: My children have come to request this essence when they are in need of some extra support during times of change. I use it while on vacation, when things are changing in our routine or schedule, when someone goes out of town, even when we are just having an extra hard day and I don’t know what else to do. This is a highly requested spray from parents, I ship it all over the country!

Ingredients: Spring water, brandy, proprietary blend of flower essences; essential oils of blue tansy, black spruce and bergamot.