The Practitioner set represents the formulas I use most often doing hands-on energy work and counseling. Grounded Embodiment is my most solid go to formula. So many times I would spend the better part of a session just trying to get my client back into their body. This formula would do that work for me so I could focus on other things. Similarly both Deep Quiet and Replenish would support my client to relax more fully and to fill up their empty cup. Breakthrough is used when I encounter something that is blocked or when whatever is already moving could use some support to move fully. I use Integration at the end of every session and Clearing Space between clients. I also use Clearing Space at the beginning and end of each day to support my system to not bring my own stuff into sessions and not to take their stuff with me after sessions. Clearing Space is also excellent for the client early in sessions to let go of whatever they might be bringing in with them.