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This formula is a powerful mover of stagnant energies. It is indicated for anything stuck and unmoving. It also facilitates movement and balance when there has been an over-abundance of energy in one place. And is great when we need a little encouragement to move onto the next new thing. Helps us to separate from old habits and patterns of behavior by bringing both stimulating self-awareness and connecting us to the internal forces of fire.

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Practitioner note: This formula gets called on a lot my practice as an energy worker. It is gentle enough to be used for any small place of stuck energy and powerful enough to handle long-held stagnation. I’ve seen people start to spontaneously stretch their bodies as soon as I’ve applied this remedy waking up places long sleeping.

Parent note: Great for kids who tend to wallow or get hung up in any number of ways. Sometimes a surreptitious spray can lead to a cleaned up room but I’m not making any promises!

Ingredients: Spring water, brandy, proprietary blend of flower essences; essential oils of rosemary and cedarwood atlas.