Healthy Boundary

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This remedy reinforces our ability to hold boundaries that fortify us at the deepest level by supporting the alignment of the vertical core, helps us to “knit” ourself together when we are overly porous. Helps highly sensitive and empathic people to sort out what is theirs and what is not.

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Practitioner note: I use this remedy on myself when I start to feel fatigued during the day and it helps immensely! I also use it when the client has a hard time containing their material or self-regulating or when my material is similar to theirs.

Parent note: This is a good one for children who have a hard time standing up for themselves or even maintaining themselves when they spend time with others.

Ingredients: Spring water, brandy, proprietary blend of flower essences; essential oils of fir needle, black spruce, scotch pine and rosemary.