Clearing Space

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Cleanses, purifies and releases, this formula is excellent for clearing a room or your own energy field of anything that is stuck or stagnant or not even yours. Excellent psychic hygiene.

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Practitioner note: I use this essence every day. I use it to clear my treatment room, during and at the end of sessions and I use it at the beginning of sessions when someone has come in with a lot of deferred clearing work to be done but it is not the focus of the session. This essence, more than any other, is like having another hand in the room. I have come to treasure how much work it does every day.

Parent note: A wonderful formula for children who seem to sponge off of their environment. For example: a child who is not in good shape after attending an event or after spending time at someone’s home. Many parents use this when the child transfers between divorced parent’s homes. This spray is a quick way to release what they have taken on from others.

Ingredients: Spring water, brandy, proprietary blend of flower essences; essential oils of black spruce, may chang and lemon.


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