Self-Healing Full Set

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Save 20% when you buy the full set. This includes one each of the following sprays:

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The Self-Healing set was so named because each of these formulas, in some fundamental way, support us to heal ourselves. Self-Love is the foundational formula of this set and the number one best seller of all the sprays. If you use no other single spray this is the one to use for self-healing. I created Holding On To My Core during a time when my own co-dependence was at an all-time high and it was killing me! I needed to find a way to stay in my core when I was moving about my life. This allowed me to focus on myself in my healing rather than how everyone else was impacted by my self-healing work. Later Harmonious Relationship came about for obvious reasons. Quiet Mind helped me to stay focused on what really matters and not spin out mentally. I’ve Got This gave me the confidence to stretch into new territory and claim it as my own. Allowing Pleasure gave me permission to value my satisfaction and utilize pleasure itself as a force for healing!