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This remedy allows us to have greater access to our internal resources to soothe ourselves during stressful times. Additionally it helps us open to the external resources of support around us and make good use of them. In this way this spray is great support for any self-care practice that requires ongoing attention ie: taking supplements, exercise, meditation, etc.

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Practitioner note: This remedy often shows up in the treatment room when a client needs to open to the aspects of themselves that can hold a bigger picture of the current circumstances and provide an unconditional loving container.

Parent note: I use this with my children when they are headed off to a new experience that they feel unsure about, when they need support and I am unable to provide it or when they are needing to adopt a new self-care practice. For example, when my daughters' got their ears pierced and needed to begin caring for their ears in a consistent way that was new to them this remedy supported them to do so.

Ingredients: Spring water, brandy, proprietary blend of flower essences; essential oils of vanilla, rose, mimosa, almond and chamomile