Soul Retrieval

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This is a very special remedy for when we have become split off from ourselves. This split can be from everyday subtle forms of self-abandonment or being too many places at once, all the way to deeply dissociative states. While this remedy acts very powerfully to bring someone back into themselves it does so with gentleness and grace. 

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Practitioner note: I use this formula to bring people back from states of shock and trauma, to help integrate aspects of consciousness that the person has been estranged from as well as places within the body and the field that have been disowned.

Parent note: For when children attempt to keep themselves protectively out life by immersing themselves in books, video games, television or for recovery from shock and trauma.

Ingredients: Spring water, brandy, proprietary blend of flower essences; essential oils of fir needle, black spruce, scotch pine and rosemary.


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