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Save 20% when you buy the full set. This includes one each of the following sprays:

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The Support set is the most recent development in the Light Blossoms line. It was developed during the covid lock down to support our beings in a number of ways. WTAF spray was, of course, first on the scene. I renamed it Thrive the Times for the general public but WTAF spray still seems more fitting. The scent blend on this spray came from an adrenal support formula I was working on for another project. Welcome Feelings seemed like an obvious need as we all processed the enormous changes around us, along with Earth My Heart to utilize our Love and connection to the planet itself - our biggest support! I added Forgiveness to this line to work with what emerges from our past when we have time to sit still, as well as deal with the pain that comes up when people behave in ways that confuse us and cause us pain. Life Purpose arose to support us all in the re-evaluation of our lives and Empowered Elder because it became clear that those who have the broadest perspective should feel empowered to bring their gifts to the collective at this time. Finally Joy in the Bones came as a surprise gift to me from Life/Spirit itself when I needed a 7th formula to round out the set. I have an image about my work space that says Joy in Her Bones and I had just made a flower essence from the Parrot Tulips I had been in a personal rapture over and had been photographing obsessively for weeks. Thus this formula was born.